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Demolition statistics

Demolition statistics since 1967 (on ICAHD site)

Matrix of Control

While supposedly negotiating the end to the Occupation and the emergence of a Palestinian state, Israel has continued to develop a Matrix of Control over the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem through land expropriation, settlement expansion, the construction of exclusively 'Israeli' roads, an economic closure and the creation of controlling "facts" on the ground. The dismantling of the Matrix of Control is the key to achieving a just peace.

Patrons of ICAHD UK
Prof Marc Ellis
Uri Fruchtmann
Prof Colin J Green
The Rt Rev Michael Langrish
(Bishop of Exeter)
Prof Ilan Pappe
John Pilger
Prof Avi Shlaim
Clare Short MP
Revd Stephen Sizer
Baroness Jenny Tonge

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Demonstration for Gaza, 26th July

 Latest News and Events  
"Israel's message to the Palestinians: Submit, leave or die" - by Jeff Halper
July 10, 2014
Palestinians search in the rubble of a destroyed house where eight members of the Al Haj family were killed in a strike early morning in Khan Younis refugee camp, southern Gaza Strip on Thursday, . . .
National Demonstration: Free Palestine
July 17, 2014
Come and show Israel and our government our mettle and the growing body of British indignation about the killing of innocents - wave the ICAHD UK flag and the voice for reason, respect and recompe . . .
Israeli Supreme Court Seeks Participation for Palestinians in Area C Planning
April 30, 2014
Jeff Halper
ICAHD's Director Jeff Halper has written a press release - below - in response to the outcome of the appeal brought by Rabbis For Human Rights, ICAHD, JLAC, St. Yves and the Palestinian village of . . .
ICAHD joins appeal to Israeli Supreme Court to prevent home demolitions in Area C
April 26, 2014
ICAHD, in conjunction with other human rights organisations and together with the Palestinian village council of Ad-Dirat- Al-Rfai’ya, near Hebron in the West Bank, has submitted a petition to the . . .
ICAHD UK conference hears one-state message
April 26, 2014
Middle East Monitor
Israeli activist Jeff Halper and academic Ilan Pappe had a clear message for delegates at the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) UK conference this weekend: the two state solution . . .
ICAHD UK Free Brochure Available - Spread the Word!
July 20, 2009
ICAHD UK continues to "punch above its weight" in EU, UK government and other circles, on the back of Jeff Halper's and others' repected analysis and the unique activism of ICAHD in Jerusalem and . . .
Buy Jeff Halper's Book, "An Israeli in Palestine", Now!
July 5, 2008
Pluto Press
"Jeff Halper’s book, like his life’s work, is an inspiration. Drawing on his many years of directly challenging Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, he offers one of the most insightful analyse . . .

ICAHD UK Mission

ICAHD UK supports the work of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) in Israel. ICAHD campaigns against Israeli occupation and oppression in the Palestinian Territories and to Bedouin communities within Israel                             

We need more funds to continue and to expand our advocacy and education efforts at this crucial time. Please consider holding a housebuilding party

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